Webinar - Past massacres in Africa

A webinar on 27 August entitled Remembering Past Massacres: Honoring the Legacy and Resilience of Victims” will focus on Africa.

Yekatit 12 Monument, Ethiopia

Yekatit 12 monument, memorial for Ethiopians who were massacred during the occupation of the country by fascists (1936-1941), the "black shirts" killed an estimated twenty per cent of the population in three days time, Ethiopia, Photo: Scott Chacon

The event is second in a series of regional webinars organised by the World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission of the Churches on International Affairs in collaboration with the WCC Spiritual Life. It is part of many virtual events organised this year to mark the 75th anniversary of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs.

Remembering massacres, panelists will explore questions such as: How do we recognise these tragedies, and celebrate the survival, resistance, resilience, and heroes of these communities? How do we honour their martyrdom? What is done to prevent us from falling into amnesia or denial?

Speakers will include:


  • Clémence Evelyne Fassinou, Benin
  • Francis Muroki, Kenya
  • Rev. Dr Frank Chikane, South Africa
  • Rev. Dr Nagaju Muke, Rwanda
  • Father Michael, South Africa


Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri, World Council of Churches deputy general secretary


Register here to join the webinar, 27 August, 2 pm

Booklet - "Massacres committed in Africa during colonial times"