Webinar-Intergenerational conversation will reflect on role of WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs

An intergenerational conversation held online on 7 September will convene past and current directors and commissioners of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, which was founded 75 years ago in the wake of the Second World War.

Photo: WCC

Photo: WCC

The webinar will provide a moment to take stock of past achievements, reflect on the commissions present role in the current state of international affairs, and inspire future ecumenical endeavours in international affairs.

Over the past seven decades, the commission has been engaging WCC member churches in international affairs, contributing to conveying the common ecumenical prophetic witness of our Christian family on a wide spectrum of international issues such as freedom of religion or belief, human rights, peace-building, climate change, nuclear disarmament, and more.

Speakers wil include:

Introductory remarks

  • Rev. Prof. Dr  Ioan Sauca, WCC acting general secretary

Panellists (former and current commission directors, listed chronologically):

  • Rev. Dwain Epps, USA
  • Peter Weiderud, Sweden
  • Dr Mathews George Chunakara, India
  • The Rev. Elenora Giddings Ivory, USA
  • Peter Prove, Australia*


Rev. Sepiuta HalaApiApi, Fiji

Dr. Thomas Kang, Brazil

Melisande Kingchatchaval Schifter, Germany/Thailand*

Deacon Adebayo Anthony Kehinde, Nigeria*

Closing remarks

  • Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri, WCC deputy general secretary for Public Witness and Diakonia


* Current members


Register here to join the webinar live, Tuesday 7 September, 2 pm CEST