UNAIDS-PEPFAR Faith Based Initiative workshop

A national workshop will bring together religious leaders, people living with HIV and theologians in Tanzania.


Father Jide Macaulay speaks to the July 21 opening session of "Faith Building Bridges" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The July 21-22 interfaith event, sponsored by the World Council of Churches-Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance was held on the eve of the 2018 International AIDS Conference. An Anglican priest from Nigeria, Macaulay is a leader of the Global Interfaith Network for People of all Sexes, Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions.


The workshop is organised by the World Council of Churches in collaboration with Tanzania Commission of AIDS (TACAIDS), UNAIDS Tanzania, Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT), INERELA+ Tanzania, YWCA and other stakeholders in Tanzania.

The focus of the consultation is to equip the religious leaders with skills and knowledge required to fulfil their mandate of ending AIDS by 2030, prevention of stigma and discrimination and promote protection, respect and human rights among people living with HIV and AIDS. The consultations will also strengthen the collaboration between religious leaders and other stakeholders.