The European Christian Internet Conference #27: " Embracing the Digital Age: The Intersection of Theology and Technology in Today's Church"

Registration is open for the annual European Christian Internet Conference (ECIC) taking place on 25 – 27 September 2023 in Cologne, Germany, focusing on the intersection of theology and technology in a church in a digital age.

Sunrise over Cologne

As our society becomes increasingly digital, it is crucial for the church to engage with technology in a thoughtful and relevant way. The ECIC 2023 conference invites participants to explore how public theology can inform and contribute to digital discourse, how churches can establish a reliable and impactful presence on digital platforms, and how to navigate the challenges of artificial intelligence.

Topics of discussion will include ensuring the accuracy and accessibility of church content in the digital age, as well as strategies for leveraging technology to deepen faith and connect with congregants.

Confirmed speakers of the ECIC 2023 conference:

  • PD Dr. Frederike van Oorschot, Protestant Interdiciplinary Research Institute FEST and Heidelberg University.: "Being a Public Church in the Digital Age: Perspectives from Public Theology"
  • Christian Sterzik, head of digital at the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).
  • Prof. Dr Dmytro Tsolin, Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv and the German Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Ukraine: "Missional identity at a time of war".

Join us as we explore the intersection of theology and technology in today's rapidly evolving world!

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