Reweaving the Ecological Mat - Pacific Voices for a New Creation

This webinar, promoted by the World Council of Churches and the Pacific Conference of Churches, will lift up Pacific proposals to “reweave the ecological mat” and build a new creation. 

pacific mat

New resources from the Pacific seek to change the narrative of development from one that exploits human beings and ecology for profit in favour of one that nurtures communities and emphasizes the sacredness of ecology.




Rev Dr Cliff Bird: from the Solomon Islands, and an ordained Minister of the United Church in Solomon Islands. He heads the Council for World Mission in the Pacific. Previously he was Regional Coordinator for Pacific Programs, Relief and Development of Uniting World and a lecturer at the Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji. He is a grandfather to 4 grandchildren and a seasoned fisherman.

Elise Huffer: Elise works as an arts and culture consultant in Fiji and the Pacific Islands. Formerly she was the Culture Adviser at the Pacific Community (SPC), an intergovernmental regional organization, providing technical advice on cultural policy, cultural industries and heritage to Pacific Island countries. Prior to joining SPC, Elise was an Associate  Professor at  the University of the  South  Pacific.  She is Vice-Chair  Oceania of the  IUCN  Commission on  Environmental,  Economic, and  Social Policy.

Arnie Saiki: Arnie Saiki is a writer, activist, and organizer focusing on regional economic and geopolitical themes in the Asia and Pacific regions. He was the coordinator for the Moana Nui conferences, a partnership between the International Forum on Globalization and Pua Mohala I Ka Po and has been campaigning on issues around trade, development, militarization and the environment in the Pacific. He currently resides in California with his wife and children.

Daphney Kiki: Daphney is from Fiji. She works with the Institute of Mission and Research at the Pacific Theological College where she coordinates the Youth for Reweaving the Ecological Mat project. She studied law and politics at the University of South Pacific.

 Reweaving the Ecological Mat flyer