Press Club at the International Symposium for Communication for Social Justice in the Digital Age

Digital instruments – Blessing or Curse?


15 May 2018, Geneva, Switzerland: The Vatican and the World Council of Churches host press conference to share details of the 21 June landmark visit of Pope Francis to the World Council of Churches.


This event will discuss the impact of the digital age on professional public interest journalism and the ways in which media, churches and other civil society organisations can bring about positive social change in the face of financial and political challenges. Should journalists actively advocate for social justice? How do we define social justice in the digital age? How can media and concerned society work together?

The press club will take place in the evening of the first day of the “Communication for Social Justice in the Digital Age” international symposium. It will follow presentations by international leaders on “digital justice”, and contribute to the discussions in the following days on “public space” in the digital age and our vision for the future –including a collaborative plan of action. The symposium is bringing multiple sectors (church and ecumenical, grassroots, media, academics, politics) together to discuss the common challenges and opportunities of our digital life.


  • Mr. Holger Starck, Die Zeit
  • Rev. Dr Angelique Walker-Smith, Bread for the World, USA
  • Mrs. Margit Stumpp, Member of the German Bundestag  - Spokesperson for media and education policy, Parliamentary Group Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen
  • Felix Samari, LCCN Communications Officer
  • Arnaud Böhmann, Fridays for Future in Hamburg 


Mrs. Geraldine de Bastion, Berlin    

Please, register for the Press Club at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAtc-yprj4jHdZxj6jWcv8L-z0zPkYZwas9

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