Pan African Women of Faith “Third Thursdays Webinar Series on the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace”

In five episodes held on the third Thursday of each month beginning in November, the webinars will explore the following themes: “Answering the Ancestral Call of Legacy and Leadership,” “The Healing in Our Lament,” “Hope: Unity Within Diversity,” “The Celebration in Transformation,” and “Resurrection: The Diakonia at Work in the World Today.”

PAWEEN webinar series

The purpose of the Pan African Women of Faith webinar series is to provide an ecumenical and interfaith educational tool of intergenerational lectures. These lectures will be four 90-mintues webinar episodes that will highlight and demonstrate the uniqueness and individuality of a community’s canon while including the Pan African Woman’s (PAW) context.

The inclusion of both the respective Canon and African culture and tradition (connected culture of the diaspora and experiences) will be the foundation of each episode. Each episode will illustrate how PAW have a cannon within this community based on the stories and experience that connect us with an wholistic Pan-African approach vis a vis our head, heart and Spirit.

Episode I: Legacy and LeadershipNovember 19, 2020 
13:30 CET - 12:30 GMT - 7:30 EDT

Dr Agnes Abuom, moderator of the WCC central committee
Rev. Ofelia Ortega, Presbyterian Church of Cuba
Prof. Dr Esther Mombo, 
vice-moderator of the WCC Commission of Ecumenical Education and Formation

Rev. Dr Angelique Walker-Smith

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Episode II: Lament, Hope, and the Bible Pt. I, - December 17, 2020
(more details coming soon)

Episode III: Lament, Hope, and the Bible, Pt. II – Jan 21, 2021
(more details coming soon)

Episode IV: Reimaging the Future, Pt. I – February 18, 2021
(more details coming soon)

Episode V: Reimaging the Future Pt. II- March 18, 2021
(more details coming soon)