Ecumenical International Youth Day 2020 virtual event

The World Council of Churches is promoting an online event to observe the International Youth Day 2020.


The United Nations, since 2000, has declared 12 August as International Youth Day (IYD). This is to raise awareness about the issues young people in different countries care about the most. Youth organizations and organizations working with young people are invited to highlight the efforts of young people in creating a better world.

The World Council of Churches launched Ecumenical International Youth Day in 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland for the first time in the past decade to highlight the contributions of young people to the ecumenical movement.

This year as we continue to observe Ecumenical IYD, we will address the topic of Mental Health. This is a result of several recommendations from young people within and outside the WCC networks, among the pressing issues that young people would like to explore. The WCC programmes on Youth Engagement in the ecumenical movement and Health and Healing are collaborating for this year’s focus area.

A virtual celebration on 12 August 2020 is planned to bring together a variety of events on Ecumenical IYD from different parts of the world.

12 August, 14:00 - 15:30 CEST

Live stream: