75 years of mental health advocacy: achievements, challenges, and the future.

Co-organized by the World Council of Churches, World Federation for Mental Health, and World Health Organisation, the event will celebrate the 75th anniversary of both the WCC and the World Federation for Mental Health. 


The World Federation for Mental Health has a mission, established at the London Conference in 1948, that all citizens of the world can come together for global mental health and global peace, stating that the health of all people is fundamental to the attainment of peace and security and it depends on the full co-operation of individuals and states.”

This mandate continues to be relevant and the federation aims to advance among all people and nations the highest possible level of mental health by advocating for measures to advance mental health and wellbeing, coordinating the efforts of member associations, government agencies, professional groups, and international organizations to advance mental health for all. 

The hybrid event in Geneva will capture previous successes in mental health advocacy, identify why they were successful, and identify current gaps and areas of immediate, medium-term, and long-term priority. Some speakers will also focus on the importance of families and loved ones in mental health advocacy by sharing lived experiences and examples of successful mental health advocacy.

Speakers and participants will also explore how professionals can work together to support people in conflict situations; the social determinants of mental health; improving collaboration across systems in order to ensure that mental health is a global priority; and the human rights and legal frameworks related to mental health. 

The webinar, held online and in-person, will incorporate small group workshops produced in a hybrid manner.

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