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Borders and Migrants

On 20 May 2022, a group of us, 14 pilgrims from different parts of the world (Kenya, Brussels, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, Poland, Rome, Korea, Canada, Fiji, Australia, London, Scotland, and Geneva—a very diverse group) gathered in Palermo, Italy for a Pilgrim Team Visit on the theme of migration. 

WCC executive committee appoints three new WCC staff leaders

The World Council of Churches (WCC) executive committee has appointed, by consensus, three new WCC staff leaders: a programme director for Unity and Mission; a programme director for Public Witness and Diakonia; and a director of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism.

WCC Pilgrim Team Visits accompany communities in Italy, Armenia, Norway

Three World Council of Churches (WCC) Pilgrim Team Visits, one to Italy, a second to Armenia and a third to Norway, are continuing the WCCs accompaniment for communities in their quest for justice and peace under the theme of Christs love moves the world to reconciliation and unity,” through the lenses of post-war trauma healing, gender justice, and migration.

WCC visit to Italy harvests examples of the churches’ unconditional support to refugees and migrants

The Central Mediterranean route is the overseas crossing from North Africa to Italy. Those migrating on this route generally aim to reach Italian shores but leave from a variety of North African countries bordering the Mediterranean. Though in past years most migrants have departed from Libya, which is a destination for migrants as well as a transit country, there is also a proportionally small but growing number of departures from Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria.

Las reflexiones sobre “¿Qué dicen las iglesias sobre la Iglesia?” comparten los frutos de la Comisión de Fe y Constitución del CMI

A continuación, la Rev. Dra. Susan Durber, moderadora de la Comisión de Fe y Constitución del Consejo Mundial de Iglesias (CMI), y Su Eminencia el obispo Maxim de la Iglesia Ortodoxa Serbia, miembro de la Comisión de Fe y Constitución del CMI, reflexionan sobre la publicación What Are the Churches Saying About the Church?” (¿Qué dicen las iglesias sobre la Iglesia?).

La publicación, que presenta las principales conclusiones y propuestas de las respuestas a “La Iglesia: Hacia una visión común”, es uno de los muchos frutos recogidos por los grupos de estudio de la Comisión de Fe y Constitución del CMI para la 11ª Asamblea del CMI.

Reflections on “What Are the Churches Saying About the Church” share fruits of WCC Commission on Faith and Order

Below, Rev. Dr Susan Durber, moderator of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission on Faith and Order and His Eminence Bishop Maxim, from the Serbian Orthodox Church and a WCC Faith and Order commissioner, reflect on the publication What Are the Churches Saying About the Church?”

The publication, which presents key findings and proposals from responses to The Church: Towards a Common Vision,” is among the many fruits being harvested by the study groups of the WCC Faith and Order Commission for the WCC 11th Assembly.

El número reciente de la revista internacional de misión (International Review of Mission) se centra una vez más en “El amor de Cristo: misión y unidad”

Con los ojos puestos en la Asamblea de 2022 del Consejo Mundial de Iglesias (CMI) que se reunirá en torno al tema “El amor de Cristo lleva al mundo a la reconciliación y la unidad”, el primer número de este año de la International Review of Mission se centra en el tema “El amor de Cristo: misión y unidad”.

WCC, Religions for Peace will release joint message on statelessness: “Belonging—Affirmations for Faith Leaders’

The World Council of Churches (WCC) and Religions for Peace will issue on 9 May a joint message on statelessness, Belonging—Affirmations for Faith Leaders”.

The document is one of the most recent fruits of WCC work that has been ongoing for more than a decade around the issue of statelessness. It is currently available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.