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Coping with the Coronavirus

Where to turn for reliable information, what the WCC does as a fellowship, and what the WCC does as an employer. The WCC COVID-19 support team is here for you! Contact them by email



Where to turn for reliable information

The WCC relies on the World Health Organization as the global authority on health issues. The WHO’s website contains detailed valuable information and advice for individuals, organizations, and countries on measures of precaution and mitigation: WHO guidelines

The WCC also encourages everyone to stay informed and follow national health authorities’ recommendations and instructions in view of the new Coronavirus.

WCC Covid-19 fact-sheet (pdf)


What the WCC does as a fellowship

The World Council of Churches is a worldwide fellowship of churches, with members in more than 110 countries.

In times like these, faith communities can do a lot to promote solidarity and accountability, wisdom and care, and can play an important role in providing accurate information, encouraging and supporting the sick and those at risk of illness, and pastoral care to those affected by the virus.

The WCC seeks to bring hope and light to how churches are, and can be, contributing to constructive responses to the Coronavirus and its consequences for people’s lives, physically as well as spiritually, in countries around the world.

The WCC COVID-19 support team is here for you!
Contact them by email


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What the WCC does as an employer

The World Council of Churches is taking strong measures to help protect its staff in Geneva and around the globe, as well as to help mitigate the spread of the virus, e.g., through work travel.

WCC adjusts to new reality: “new and emerging routines" (WCC press release, 25 March 2020)

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