I dream of a community….

Where worship is central,
simple and profound.

Which inhabits
sacred space,
holy ground
where hospitality is lavished.

Where everyone
works at life’s chores,
where living is simple, ethical and joyful;
A community which knows how to party!

I dream of a community…

Where each is accepted and cherished,
loved and loving into being;
sending and sent
holding and held
embracing and embraced
in blessing.

Where women and men
are companions and helpmeets on the journey.
Where sexuality
is reverenced and celebrated
not demeaned, defiled or denied.

Which shuns patriarchy and hierarchy
which breaks down barriers
and is mutual, cooperative and collaborative;
where the possibilities for
the abuse of power
are minimized.

I dream of a community…
Ecumenically committed and open to the world,
which is still journeying
and does not think it has arrived
but is committed to the quest
and in the Spirit dances on.

I dream…

Rev. Ruth Bottoms. In.: Come Holy Spirit, heal and reconcile! Report of the WCC Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, Athens, Greece, May 2005, p. 234-235.