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Faith and Order Papers Digital Imaging Services

Documents related to the request for proposals for digital imaging services preparing the digital edition of the Faith and Order Papers
Request for Proposals for Digital Imaging Services
This document is an invitation for proposals and estimates for scanning, OCR conversion, and tagging of a major collection of academic papers. This work is in preparation for their being published online in a fully searchable, open-source platform for use in scholarly research.
Project Plan: Faith and Order Papers Digitization
Project name: The Faith and Order Papers Digital Edition. Description: An integrated, fully searchable online research collection of the 300 documents in the Faith and Order Papers, made available through libraries or individual subscription and updated annually.
The Faith and Order Papers Project Proposal
Executive Summary: This prospectus outlines a project to digitize a major collection of papers, reports, and books known as the Faith and Order Papers and to make them available for research and study to scholars, theologians and students around the world.
Faith and Order official numbered publications
List of official numbered publications by the WCC Commission on Faith and Order. It also includes Pamphlets Nos. 1 through 32 published by the Joint Commission appointed by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, October 19, 1910, to arrange for a World Conference on Faith and Order; and Pamphlets Nos. 33 through 103 published by the Continuation Committee, first appointed by the Preliminary Meeting at Geneva, 1920 ; a new Continuation Committee was appointed by the Lausanne Conference of 1927, and a third by the Edinburgh Conference of 1937.
Sample excerpts of Faith and Order Papers
Some images that show the kind of material that will need to be captured in the Faith and Order Papers digitization project.