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The term "WCC document" applies to texts of many different types and levels of institutional authority. Many hundreds of such texts are available on our websites.

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Excerpt from the report of the Policy Reference Committee I
Seventh report of the Joint Working Group
The report results from seven years' work by a dedicated group drawn from the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. The character of the document is intentionally educational. The group believed that it would in this way best serve the interest of all who wish to know not only the Joint Working Group's agenda but the growing relationship of the WCC and the RCC within the broader perspective of the one ecumenical movement which the group has witnessed and in some measure assisted.
From solidarity to accountability
Letter to the WCC 8th Assembly from the women and men of the Decade Festival of the Churches in Solidarity with Women
Together on the Way: 5.6. Statement on the Status of Jerusalem
The statement was adopted with 15 opposing votes and 17 abstentions. During the discussion by assembly delegates, several comments and concerns were voiced: the statement did not draw sufficient attention to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and to concern for the security of the state of Israel; this issue is of great concern to churches around the world and of particular concern to churches in the Middle East; rather than calling for Jerusalem to be "a shared city", the sovereignty of Jerusalem should be protected for Israelis and Palestinians; Palestinians should be given the right of repatriation.
Together on the Way: 5.2. The Debt Issue: A jubilee call to end the stranglehold of debt on impoverished peoples
(Previous stage) The Nature and Purpose of the Church: A stage on the way to a common statement
This text, from the Faith and Order study on Ecclesiology, was issued as Faith and Order Paper no. 181 in 1998. Now superseded by The Nature and Mission of the Church, Faith and Order Paper no. 198, issued in 2005, it is included here to enable comparison of these two texts.
The Orthodox churches, the WCC, and the upcoming assembly
Dalit Solidarity Peoples (DSP): the vision
Orthodox participation in the WCC
Orthodox liturgical renewal
Faith and Order on women's ordination
Thessaloniki statement
Damascus report
Cultural factors in the encounter
A Treasure in Earthen Vessels: An Instrument for an Ecumenical Reflection on Hermeneutics
This text (Faith and Order Paper No. 182) explores the complex but often creative field of hermeneutics - the interpretation of texts, symbols, and rites - and its role in the search for visible church unity. It invites us to reflect on how we approach and evaluate one another's language and symbols, as a contribution to mutual understanding among Christians and churches.
The effects of globalization on culture in Africa in the eyes of an African woman
Economic growth without social and cultural justice cannot be our idea of development. It is imperative that development is measured in terms of the quality of human life, which can be reflected in, for example, better education, health and life expectancy for every single member of society. This is only possible if men and women are equally empowered, in theory and in practice. And the North has a crucial role to play in this process. Anything that falls short of restoring peoples' dignity, sense of identity, continuity and security should never be accepted. Africa needs to learn to respect the dissenting voice of its own people.
Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession, related to SDG5 Gender Equality
Prayers from the Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women (as published in “Celebrating the Decade” © 1997 WCC, and “I will pour out my Spirit” © 1992 WCC)
Towards common witness
Received by the Central Committee and commended to churches for study and action, it is a summary of the most recent debates on common witness and proselytism. Contains the references to the earlier studies on common witness
Statement on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Adopted by the Central Committee, Geneva, 11-19 September 1997.
Response by Barbara Schwahn
The Vocation of the Laity in Church and World: Towards an Inclusive Community on Different Levels" - a response by Barbara Schwahn to the paper "On Being Christian in the World"