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Prayer in times of catastrophe

A prayer for the victims of train derailment in Santiago de Compostela in Spain written by staff of the World Council of Churches.

26 July 2013

L:  Loving Father,

who has promised never to leave us,

you are with us in times of catastrophe and terror,

you hear the screams of the victims.

All: Come to us and strengthen us in these times,

for we are devastated and grieving.


L:  God of grace,

walk among the broken metal, concrete, personal possessions,

bodies and body parts lying on the ground.

Be with those who search for survivors,

who bind the wounded.

Stand near to those who are waiting anxiously

for news about their loved ones.

Comfort the grieving who have lost a family member,

a friend, a colleague.

All: Come to us and strengthen us in these times,

for we cannot live without your presence.


L:  God of our birth and our life,

God of our pain and our death,

we trust that as we stumble through the valley of death

that your rod and your staff will bring comfort

and that through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord,

life may become again the place where our faith remains,

where our hope endures, memory blesses and love abides.

All:  Amen.

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