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EDAN pre-Assembly event, Porto Alegre, Brazil

13 February 2006

EDAN 2006 pre-Assembly event

Pre-Assembly EDAN meeting, Porto Alegre, Brazil, February 2006

11-13 February 2006

A decentralized WCC programme in the hands of persons with disabilities themselves, EDAN organized a three-day pre-Assembly event.


The event focussed on :

  • disability and globalization (in collaboration with the WCC Economic Justice programme);
  • bio-ethics and disability (in collaboration with the WCC Ethics of Life programme);
  • disability and violence (in collaboration with the Decade to Overcome Violence programme)

It was also an opportunity for EDAN's volunteer regional coordinators, contacts and staff to review the network's work since the last WCC assembly (Harare, Zimbabwe, 1998) and to formulate proposals for future directions, which it submitted to the Assembly.

25 persons with disabilities from eight regions participated in the pre-Assembly event, before reporting on EDAN's activities to, and seeking a new mandate from, the Assembly proper.


At the Assembly, a three-session ecumenical conversation entitled "A church of all and for all" explored some of the themes in the WCC/EDAN Interim Statement with participants, and two mutirão sessions offered another channel for enhancing understanding of EDAN's work in relation to the Assembly theme.


The Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network is a decentralized programme of the WCC within the Justice, Peace & Creation team. It operates from Kenya under the auspices of the All Africa Conference of Churches, but its mandate extends to all the WCC regions.