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Prayer of a man without work

(From: A collection of Prayers for Peace – 2006, Decade to Overcome Violence, WCC)

31 December 2006

Our good Father God, we give you hearty thanks for the gifts that you have given us, and for our hands with which we can work day by day to provide ourselves with food and sustain our lives. Lord, in your Word you tell us that the labourer is worthy of his hire, and those of us who have lost our jobs feel that we are losing our dignity.

Lord, we are not useless! But our situation and everything around us makes us feel that we are useless. We know, O God, that you love us all the same, because we are your sons and daughters. But more and more people are losing their jobs and the fear of not getting a job makes us really desperate. Lord, we know that this is an evil of our times in this globalized world, and that there are many of us hurting like this.

We trust in your great love, O God, and we know that this is not your will. Free us from this evil. Soften hard and selfish hearts whose desire for gain knows no limits, the hearts of those who should share so that there is food and work for all. Lord, we pray that you will keep us determined and united. Help us to keep our hearts and hands ready to help and encourage our brothers and sisters who are downcast. Lord, we know that you love us. Do not let your sons and daughters lose their dignity. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

(From: A collection of Prayers for Peace – 2006, DOV, WCC)