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International advocacy

Arms Trade Treaty statement by WCC, WEA, Pax Christi and Caritas
Christian leaders representing organizations of some 90 percent of the world’s two billion Christians have issued a joint appeal to the 194 governments negotiating the first global Arms Trade Treaty: Keep ammunition in the treaty.
Communiqué on peace and security in Asia
Church and ecumenical leaders from Asia gathered at the Bangkok Christian Guest House in Thailand from 2 to 5 August 2011, on the invitation of the WCC and CCA, to address emerging concerns in Asia, with a thematic focus on Peace and Security in Asia: Ecumenical Responses.
On the liberation of Colombian hostages
The liberation of Clara Rojas and Consuelo González "is a sign of hope that shows that a negotiated solution to the situation in Colombia is possible", states Rev. Elenora Giddings Ivory, director of the World Council of Churches (WCC) programme on Public witness: addressing power and affirming peace.
Report of WCC and AACC ecumenical solidarity mission to Liberia
Ecumenical observers appointed by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) have released this report on their visit to Liberia in advance of elections scheduled to take place on 11 October 2011. The seven-member delegation was led by the Most Rev. Dr Robert Aboagye-Mensah, immediate past presiding bishop of the Methodist Church in Ghana.
Statement on peace, security and development in South Asia
Concerned by the alarming situation affecting the South Asian countries and its manifolding impacts on nurturing peace, security and development, and despite initiatives from different quarters of society and different national, diplomatic and ecumenical interventions, the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), and the South Asian Councils of Churches (SACC) organised an international consultation on "Peace, Security and Development in South Asia", which was held at Whitefield, Bangalore from 30 March to 2 April 2009 .
WCC United Nations Advocacy week
Opening address by Rev. Dr Michael Kinnamon
United Nations Advocacy Week 2010 Prayers
The Sixth United Nations Advocacy Week focused on the Palestine - Israel conflict and the situation in Nigeria. The meetings started every day with prayer in the chapel of the Ecumenical Centre, focusing on the Beatitudes (Mathews 5: 1-11) in connection with the themes of the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC).
Report: Churches Together to Transform the World
The CCIA convened its 5th United Nations Advocacy Week (UNAW) on 15-20 November 2009 in New York City.
UNAW Report 2009 Annex I
United Nations Advocacy Week Planning Team; Schedule-at-a-Glance; Annotated Agenda; Programmatic Document; Speaker Biographies; Participant Analysis; Participants Info List; Participant Evaluations
UNAW Report 2009 Annex II: Speaker Presentations, Section A
Keynote II: Charge and Challenge to the Churches the Churches; Thematic Priority I: Climate Displaced Peoples.
UNAW Report 2009 Annex II: Speaker Presentations, Section B
Climate Displaced Peoples Session, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Session, Colombia Session, Closing Keynote: theologian and activist
UNAW Report 2009 Annex III: Prayer Resources
United Nations Advocacy Week Opening Prayer, Monday Morning Prayer: Climate Displaced Peoples, Tuesday Morning Prayer: Indigenous Peoples Rights, Wednesday Morning Prayer: Colombia, Thursday Morning Prayer, Closing Prayer
Olive Tree song
By Rima Tarazi and Maggie Hamilton
UNAW 2008 Report
The United Nations Advocacy Week 2008 Report is a reminder of what was discussed and experienced at the UNAW and one of the key instruments to be used in local and global advocacy work.
UNAW Report 2008 Annex I
United Nations Advocacy Week 2008 planning team, additions to UNAW 2008, agenda, speaker biographies, participant analysis, participant list, participants evaluation.
UNAW Report 2008 Annex II
United Nations Advocacy Week 2008 speaker presentations: Our Common Strategic Global Ecumenical Advocacy, Public Witness Advocacy, Human Rights, Climate Change
UNAW Report 2008 Annex III
United Nations Advocacy Week 2008 speaker presentations: Migration, WCC UN reception address: Nicaraguan ambassador H.E. Maria Rubiales de Chamorro, UNAW closing high-level address: Assistant Secretary-General Dr Robert Or
UNAW Report 2008 Annex IV: Prayer resources
Climate change Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA) Human rights Migration Public witness: addressing power, affirming peace United Nations
UNAW 2007 Report
For the United Nations Advocacy Week 2007, the WCC chose to emphasize four themes, a primary focus on the Greater Horn of Africa; water, nuclear disarmament and the Middle East, with an emphasis on Palestine and Israel.