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Moving beyond Kyoto

10 November 2004

A discussion paper from a consultation on "Climate and water: common gifts, related threats" co-sponsored by the WCC and ecumenical relief and development agencies, 3-8 October 2004 in Zeist, The Netherlands.

"'Moving beyond Kyoto' summarizes our analysis of the current challenges within an ethical and theological framework and articulates a set of positions for implementing the Kyoto Protocol, negotiating next steps beyond Kyoto, affirming the urgency of adaptation measures, and envisioning the witness and role of the churches."

Document in pdf format

The atmosphere: a common gift
- Implementing the Kyoto Protocol
- Beyond 2012, the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol
- Adaptation to the impact of climate change
- New horizons for the witness and role of the churches
Appendix: Contraction and convergence -a short introduction of the model and its moral base

Download : beyondkyoto-nov10-04.pdf