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Motorised Mobility, Climate Change and Globalisation

01 January 2000

Memorandum of the Project Team to the World Council of Churches

For several years the WCC has conducted a study project on the future of motorised mobility. What are present trends and developments? How does the rapid expansion of motorised mobility on the road and in the air affect societies in different parts of the world? How can this expansion be kept within sustainable limits?

The present paper is an attempt to draw attention to some implications of the study project and to reflect on its relevance for the overall witness of the World Council of Churches in the coming years. On the whole, the implications of motorised mobility for the future tend to be overlooked.

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List of contents:


1. The WCC study project on ‘Motorised Mobility'

2. The Nature of UN Climate Change Negotiations has changed

3. What are the reasons for the slow response of the industrialised world?

4. The Critique of Globalisation

5. Promoting the alternative vision

6. Committed to resistance

7. Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV)

Download : motorized_mobility.pdf