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Declaration from Woudschoten

08 October 2004

from the consultation "Climate and Water: Common Gifts, Related Threats", Zeist, The Netherlands, October 3-8, 2004

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- Impacts on those most affected by climate change (humans & non-human) are now evident, experienced in pacific region, Coastal Regions, Tropical and Sub-Tropical Regions, Mountainside Regions, Polar Regions, Temperate Regions

- Urgency to act

- Kyoto Protocol

- Theological Reflection

- Post Kyoto

- Recommendations to

a) Faith communities

b) Local communities, Peoples' movements, Climate change coalitions, Environmental organizations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

c) Governments

d) The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

e) Financial Institutions and Transnational Corporations

Download : woudschoten04.pdf