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List of major meetings: 1969-2001

WCC programme on Interreligious dialogue and cooperation

01 February 2001

WCC programme on  Interreligious dialogue and cooperation

March 1969: Christian-Muslim Conversation at Cartigny, Geneva, Switzerland.

May 1969: Informal consultation with Jews at Geneva, Switzerland.

February 1970: WCC Staff Group meeting with International Jewish Committee on Inter-religious Consultation at Geneva, Switzerland.

March 1970: Consultation on "Dialogue between Men of Living Faiths" at Ajaltoun, Lebanon; between Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims.

October 1970: Jewish-Christian Consultation in Lugano, Switzerland.

June 1971: DSME Working Group Committee meeting, Jongny, Switzerland.

December 1971: Christian-Muslim Consultation, Geneva, Switzerland.

March 1972: Christians, Buddhists and Cao Daists met in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss "Christian and Buddhist Contributions for the Renewal of Society in Vietnam".

July 1972: Christian-Muslim Dialogue at Broumana, Lebanon, on the theme "The Quest for Human Understanding and Cooperation - Christian and Muslim Contributions".

December 1972: WCC-Jewish Leaders' Consultation at Geneva on the theme "The Quest for World Community: Jewish and Christian Perspectives".

March 1973: DFI Working Group Committee Meeting (I). Pendeli near Athens, Greece

June 1973: Planning meeting for the Colombo multi-lateral dialogue with Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim invitees.

September 1973: Consultation at Ibadan, Nigeria, on "The Wholeness of Human Life - Christian Involvement in Mankind's Inner Dialogue with Primal World Views".

November 1973: Planning meeting with Muslims in Singapore to prepare a Christian-Muslim meeting in South East Asia.

December 1973: Meeting of Christian-Jewish Liaison Committee in Geneva on "Future Plans and the Political Situation".

April 1974: Multi-lateral dialogue between Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on "Towards World Community - Resources and Responsibilities for Living Together".

July 1974: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at Legon, Ghana, on "The Unity of God and the Community of Humankind".

September 1974: DFI Working Group Committee Meeting (II). New Delhi, India.

January 1975: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at Hong Kong on "Muslims and Christians in Society: Towards Goodwill, Consultation and Working Together in South East Asia".

January 1975: WCC-Jewish Leaders Consultation in London on "The Concept of Power".

May 1975: An Ecumenical Discussion on "Faith and Ideologies", Cartigny, Geneva, Switzerland.

June 1975: Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People on "Jewish and Christian Worship", Sigtuna, Sweden.

May 1976: DFI Core Group Meeting, Chambésy, Switzerland.

June 1976: Consultation of Christians and Muslims concerning "Christian Mission and Islamic Da'wah", Chambésy, Switzerland.

October 1976: Planning Meeting for "Next Steps in Christian-Muslim Dialogue", Cartigny, Geneva, Switzerland.

January 1977: DFI Core Group Meeting, Glion, Switzerland.

February 1977: Christian-Jewish Dialogue on "Jewish and Christian Traditions Concerning Nature, Science and Technology, Zurich, Switzerland.

April 1977: Theological Consultation on "Dialogue in Community", Chiang Mai, Thailand.

June 1977: Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People, Jerusalem.

November 1977: Consultation of Christians and Muslims on "Faith, Science and Technology and the Future of Humanity", Beirut, Lebanon.

February 1978: Christian-Buddhist Consultation on the "Religious Dimensions in Humanity's Relation to Nature", Colombo, Sri Lanka.

May 1978: DFI Working Group Committee Meeting (III), Mt St Benedict, Trinidad, West Indies.

September 1978: Consultation on "Religious Experience in Humanity's Relation to Nature", Yaoundé, Cameroon.

March 1979: Planning Meeting on "Christians and Muslims Living Together", Chambésy, Geneva, Switzerland.

May 1979: DFI Core Group Meeting, Glion, Switzerland.

December 1979: Consultation on "Christian Presence and Witness in Relation to Muslim Neighbours", Mombasa, Kenya.

March 1980: CCJP Advisory Group Meeting, Chambésy, Geneva, Switzerland.

April 1980: DFI Working Group Committee Meeting (IV). Matrafured, Hungary.

June 1980: Christian-Muslim Dialogue. Youth Seminar "Living as Faithful People in a Changing Society", Bossey, Geneva, Switzerland.

September 1980: Christian-Jewish Dialogue. "Religion and the Crisis of Modernity". A conference co-sponsored by the International Committee for Interreligious Consultations and the WCC, Toronto, Canada.

December 1980: Consultation on "The Role of the Study Centers", Singapore.

May/June 1981: A Hindu-Christian Dialogue on "Religious Resources for a Just Society", Rajpur, India.

June 1981: CCJP (Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People) Meeting, London/Colney, United Kingdom.

July 1981: Consultation on "Christian Participation in Education in a Multi-faith Environment" -- "Christians and Education in a Multi-faith World", Salford, United Kingdom.

December 1981: Consultation on "Churches among Ideologies", Foyer John Knox, Grand Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland.

December 1981/January 1982: DFI Working Group Committee Meeting (V), Bali, Indonesia.

March/April 1982: Christian-Muslim Consultation, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

June/July 1982: Consultation with Traditional Cultures, Honolulu, U.S.A.

January/February 1983: "The Meaning of Life", Multi-faith pre-Assembly consultation, Mauritius.

November 1984: "Religious Pluralism: Its Meaning and Limits". Joint consultation with the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations, Cambridge, U.S.A.

December 1984: "Conflict and Reconciliation - Resources within our Religious Traditions", Buddhist-Christian consultation, Hong Kong.

March 1985: Dialogue Sub-unit Working Group Meeting (VI). Swanwick, United Kingdom.

June 1985: "Implications of Interfaith Dialogue for Theological Education Today", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, called together by PTE (Programme on Theological Education) and the Dialogue sub-unit.

September 1985: First Workshop on the "Theological Discoveries Through Interfaith Dialogue", Les Avants, Switzerland.

September 1985: South Indian Dialogue Workshop, Whitefield, Bangalore, India.

October 1985: Seminar on Dialogue for Women, Madras, India.

February 1986: Second Workshop on the "Theological Discoveries Through Interfaith Dialogue", Bossey, Switzerland.

February 1986: Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People. Arnoldshain, Federal Republic of Germany.

March 1986: "Religion et Responsabilité". Colloque islamo-chrétien, Porto Novo, RP du Bénin, Afrique.

July 1986: Unit I Commission Meeting. Dialogue Working Group (VII), Potsdam, German Democratic Republic.

September 1986: Consultation on New Religious Movements, jointly sponsored with Lutheran World Federation. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

September 1986: Consultation on Dialogue with Adherents of African Traditional Religion, Kitwe, Zambia.

November 1986: An African Jewish-Christian Consultation, jointly sponsored by the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultation, Nairobi, Kenya.

December 1986: Asian Regional Christian-Muslim Colloquium, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

September 1987: Europe and Middle East Biregional Christian- Muslim Colloquium: Religion and Culture, Kolymbari, Crete, Greece.

November 1987: Walking the Sweetgrass Road. Dialogue between Christians and followers of Native Spiritual Ways, Sorrento (Lake Shuswap), B.C., Canada

December 1987: Consultation on Spirituality in Interfaith Dialogue, Kyoto, Japan.

January 1988: Consultation on Dialogue and Mission, jointly sponsored with the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, Tambaram, India.

March 1988: North American Regional Christian- Muslim Colloquium, New Windsor, MD, U.S.A.

May 1988: Dialogue Working Group Meeting (VII), Baar, Switzerland.

October/November 1988: Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People, Sigtuna, Sweden.

June 1989: Christian-Muslim Colloquium on "Religion and Life" at Usa River, Tanzania.

June 1989: Consultation on "My Neighbour's Faith and Mine" and the Dialogue Working Group Meeting (VIII), Casablanca, Morocco.

January 1990: Theology of Religions' Meeting, Baar Switzerland.

September 1992: Meeting on interfaith networking, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

October 1992: Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People (CCJP), Geneva, Switzerland.

November 1992: A Christian-Muslim colloquium on "Religion, Law and Society", Geneva, Switzerland.

December 1992: Chinese Christian - Jewish Consultation on wisdom in our scriptures and traditions, Hong Kong.

December 1992: A Christian-Muslim Seminar on interreligious cooperation in peace-making in the context of communal tension, Geneva, Switzerland.

May 1993: Jewish Christian-Muslim Colloquium on Jerusalem, jointly sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Lutheran World Federation, Glion, Switzerland.

September 1993: Colloquium jointly sponsored with Unit II on The Theological Significance of Other faiths, Baar, Switzerland.

September 1993: Working Group of the Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People. (CCJP) on the People of God and the Churches' Self-Understanding, Paris, France

December 1993: Asian Christian - Jewish Consultation on People of God - Peoples of God, Cochin, South India.

November 1993: A Christian-Muslim Colloquium on "Religion, Law and Society", Nyon, Switzerland.

March 1994: Dialogue Advisory Group, Istanbul, Turkey.

June 1994: Interreligious team-visit to Fiji.

October 1994: Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People (CCJP), Budapest, Hungary.

November 1994: Consultation on Christian Education in a Multi-Faith Society, jointly sponsored by Unit II and National Council of Churches in India, Delhi, India.

November 1994: Christian-Muslim Consultation on "Religion and Human Rights", Berlin, Germany.

January 1995: Workshop co-sponsored with the Pontifical Council on Interreligious Dialogue to draft a joint pastoral document on interreligious marriages, Geneva, Switzerland.

June 1995: African Christian - Jewish Meeting on Family, Community, Tradition, jointly sponsored by International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC), Johannesburg, South Africa.

May 1995: Consultation on Christian-Muslim Studies, Balamand University, Lebanon

September 1995: Christian-Muslim Advisory Meeting "Towards a Christian-Muslim Statement of Principles on Human Rights", Malta.

October 1995: Consultation on "The Quest for Human Community in a Religiously Plural World", jointly sponsored by Unit II and United Theological College, Bangalore Bangalore, India.

October 1995: Workshop on Issues in Hindu-Christian Relations, jointly sponsored by the National Council of Churches in India, Madurai, India.

November 1995: A study seminar on Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations co-sponsored with PROCMURA, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

December 1995: Christian-Muslim Meeting co-sponsored with The Iranian Islamic Organization for Communications and Culture, Geneva, Switzerland.

March 1996: In collaboration with the Christian Conference of Asia, a Christian-Muslim meeting on Faith and Community, setting the agenda for dialogue, Manila, Philippines.

May 1996: Jewish-Christian Consultation on the Jubilee, jointly sponsored by Bossey Theological Institute, Céligny, Switzerland.

May 1996: Seminar on the future of Christian communities in relation to their Muslim neighbours, co-organized with Fondazione Agnelli, Torino, Italy.

July 1996: Consultation on interreligious prayer, jointly sponsored by the Pontifical Council on Interreligious Dialogue, Bangalore, India.

July 1996: Preparatory Meeting for the setting up of a Christian-Muslim Forum on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland.

August 1996: Jewish-Christian-Muslim Colloquium on Jerusalem, jointly sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Lutheran World Federation, Thessaloniki, Greece.

September 1996: Dialogue Advisory Group, Singapore

November 1996: Christian-Muslim Dialogue on "Religion in the Contemporary World", Teheran, Iran.

December 1996: The Future of Religion(s) and Interreligious Relations, Morges, Switzerland.

March 1997: Christian-Muslim Forum on Human Rights, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

July 1997: Working Group of the Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People (CCJP), Vilnius, Lithuania.

August 1997: Mutual Perceptions and Changing Relations between Christians and Muslim, Balamand, Lebanon.

September 1997: Meeting of Christian Institutions specialised in the study of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, Balamand, Lebanon.

September 1997: Consultation on Interreligious Prayer, jointly sponsored by the Pontifical Council on Interreligious Dialogue, Bose, Italy.

October 1997: Consultation on the role of the church in secularised societies, jointly sponsored by the Evangelical Church of the Union in Germany, Wittenberg, Germany.

October 1997: "Towards One World Family", Hindu-Christian dialogue, jointly sponsored by the National Council of Churches in India, Benares, India.

October 1997: A Christian-Muslim colloquium co-sponsored with the Middle East Council of Churches on "Religion and Co-Citizenship", Cairo, Egypt.

December 1997: Workshop on the Future of Religion and Religions, jointly sponsored by the Swedish Theological Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.

July 1998: Christian-Muslim colloquium, co-sponsored with the Middle East Council of Churches on the Abrahamic Heritage.

March 1999: "Jewish-Christian relations after the Harare Assembly", consultation, New York, U.S.A.

April 1999: "What difference does religious plurality make?", a multifaith consultation at Ecumenical Institute of Bossey, Geneva, Switzerland.

September 1999: An interreligious consultation on 'The Responsibility of Religions to Humankind'' co-sponsored with the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind.

October 1999: A consultation on "Anti-Semitism in Church and Society", co-sponsored by the Theobalt network, Warsaw, Poland.

October 1999: A colloquium on 'Religious Freedom, Community Rights and Individual Rights: a Christian-Muslim Perspective', Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

October 1999: Meeting of Christian Institutions specialized in the study of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.

November 1999: A multifaith consultation on "Religious Education and Instruction", co-sponsored by the Evangelical Academy, Mülheim, Germany.

December 1999: Consultation of the Global Network of Religions for Children, co-sponsored by the Myochikai Arigatou Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland.

December 1999: A colloquium on 'The Future of Religions', in cooperation with the Islamic Organization for Culture and Communication of Iran, held in Geneva, Switzerland.

March 2000: Christian-Muslim seminar on Communal Tensions, co-sponsored by the Middle East Council of Churches, Beirut, Lebanon.

July 2000: A seminar "New Age in the Old World" - in collaboration with the Ecumenical Institute, Bossey, Switzerland.

October 2000: "Indigenous Peoples' Spiritualities in Interfaith Dialogue", in collaboration with the WCC Indigenous Peoples' Program, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

October 2000: A multi-faith consultation on "The Value and Concepts of Learning in Religions", in collaboration with the WCC, Department of Education, in Bangkok, Thailand.

November 2000: "Thinking Together" a multifaith consultation on interreligious dialogue and our theologies, Malibu, California, U.S.A.

November 2000: A Christian-Muslim colloquium on the divisive issues of our time, Amersfoort, Netherlands.

November 2000: A conference on Christian-Muslim cooperation in the context of Communal Tensions, co-sponsored by the Middle East Council of Churches, Limassol, Cyprus.

January 2001: A colloquium on "African Contributions to Religiosity", co-sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Enugu, Nigeria.