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Ministerial Formation / Joint Information Service

The bi-annual journal "Ministerial Formation" was published by the WCC up until November 2008, when it was replaced by a co-operation between the WCC programme on Ecumenical Theological Education and the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI). The aim of this publication is to encourage sharing and cooperation among all who are working for the renewal of the churches through programmes of ministeral formation. Items in this journal do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Council of Churches and its programme on Education and Ecumenical Formation (formerly Programme on Theological Education).
Joint Information Service
This Joint Information Service of the WCC programme on Ecumenical Theological Education and the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI) focuses on the Theological Education World Study Report 2009 by the Edinburgh 2010 International Study Group.
Ministerial formation, issue 111, November 2008
This issue presents a collection of voices from the Latin American discourse on theological education. It is interesting to realize how fast developments have progressed on this continent since the last special issue on Latin America in 1992, though some challenges remain the same.
Ministerial formation, issue 110, April 2008
This issue of Ministerial Formation is at the special occasion both of the Jubilee of ETE as well as the congress of the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI). 50 years of work in promoting ecumenical theological education in six continents - what a history of struggling, what accumulation of dedicated efforts of many gifted theological educators, what persistency in the promotion of both contextualization and globalization of theological education are imbedded in and part of these 50 years!
Ministerial formation, issue 109, July 2007
This issue focuses on theological education in the societies of Asia. Articles have been compiled by Wati Longchar, ETE Regional Consultant for Asia and Pacific.
Ministerial formation, issue 108, January 2007:
In this issue, Ross Kinsler writes on theological education for the 21st century; Colin Smith looks at theological education in Nairobi; Roger Gaikwad provides an Asian reflection on the All-Africa TEE conference; Wati Longchar gives a visitor's impression of theological education in China; and David B. Alexnder reflects on Asian theological education under the challenge of globalization.
Ministerial formation, issue 107, July 2006:
In this issue, entitled "Voices from Brazil", we hear the voices of a small group of theological students and their professors who attended the WCC's 9th Assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in February 2006.
Ministerial formation, issue 105-106, July 2005-January 2006
In this double issue in Spanish, Portugues and English, theological educators from Latin America have been invited to reflect on the theme of the forthcoming WCC assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and to write on texts of their choice.
Ministerial Formation, issue 104, January 2005
The articles in this issue sample a spirit of resistance to evil as experiences through violent acts in the Philippines, Nicaragua, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Russia. In many cases, church leaders remain silent and oblivious to violence and abuse of power in the home, the church and in society in general. These articles challenge us to speak out the truth with courage and vision.
Ministerial Formation, issue 103, July 2004
In this issue, we hear voices and actions taken to address violence and peace-making in a variety of contexts in church and society, in relation to the WCC campaiggn "On the wings of a dove" (25 November - 10 December 2004), which focuses on overcoming violence vs. women and children.
Ministerial Formation, issue 102, January 2004
Focussing on HIV/AIDS, this issue urges theological educators to heed the call to faith-based communities to take their rightful place at the frontline in the battle against the pandemic and, most of all, the stigma and discrimination people living with AIDS.
Ministerial Formation, issue 101, July 2003
The articles in this issue illustrate how Ecumenical Theological Education (ETC) is an instrument for nurturing ecumenical consciousness.
Ministerial Formation, issue 100, January 2003
focuses on developing theological, biblical and religious education thinking from different countries.
Ministerial Formation, issue 98-99, July-October 2002
is devoted to the results of an evaluation of theological education and ecumenical formation in Africa entitled "The Journey of Hope Continues" that began in 2001.
Ministerial Formation, issue 97, April 2002
focuses on a the theme of a 4-10 June 2001 seminar on "Transforming theological education: women and leadership" held at the Ecumenical Institute Bossey and on how gender studies and women's theologies are helping in the transformation of theological education and church ministry.
Ministerial Formation, issue 96, January 2002
challenges and encourages those in theological education and ecumenical ministerial formation to be critically aware of the life-threatening issues of the day and to do something in our methodologies and curricula to address them and deliver effective and transforming education in church and society.
Ministerial Formation, issue 95, October 2001
offers a report of the second meeting of the WCC Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation, held 18-22 September 2001 in Cartigy, Switzerland, and marked by the tragic events of 11 September.
Ministerial Formation, issue 94, July 2001
attempts to share new perspective on pedagogy and vocation in theological education, within the framework of world-wide globalization.
Ministerial Formation, issue 93, April 2001
articles by women theologians, focussing on theological education and ministry, the urgency of scholarship grants for women, theological networks for women on violence against women, and challenges of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa in particular as it affects women's lives.
Ministerial Formation, issue 92, January 2001
articles focussing on the needs and concerns expressed by people with disabilities. Learn about the Ecumenical Disability Advocacy Network (EDAN). Contains theological reflections from Cuba, Kenya, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Ministerial Formation, issue 91, October 2000
more papers from the "Consultation on Orthodox Theological Education and Ecumenical Themes" as well as articles on the Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE) programme from around the world.
Ministerial Formation, issue 90, July 2000
papers from the "Consultation on Orthodox Theological Education and Ecumenical Themes" plus the launching of the Sarah Chakko Theological Endowment Fund to support the theological education of women from the South and Central and Eastern Europe.