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Family life education

Education and Ecumenical Formation (EEF) guidelines policy paper written by participants of the WCC-EEF/REO consultation on Family Life, Christian Nurture and Church related schools, Ayia Napa, 27 March 2001

27 March 2001

Education and Ecumenical Formation (EEF) guidelines policy paper

A consultation with education coordinators of Regional Ecumenical Organizations (REOs) and consultants on Education and Ecumenical Formation took place in the Ayia Napa Conference Centre, Cyprus, from March 23 to 27, 2001. Discussion focused on Christian nurture, family life education and church school-related work. After noting the magnitude of the task ahead of us, and based on information from the regions, we identified common concerns and issues as forming the basis of our educational ministries over the coming three years.

We therefore recommend that:

1. WCC-EEF programmes on the regional level be implemented in cooperation and coordination with REOs staff. This includes the processes of planning, actual conduct, monitoring, evaluating and financing.

2. WCC-EEF facilitates bilateral relations between REOs via exchange of ideas, programmes and resources.

3. WCC-EEF continues to support regional ecumenical initiatives with human and/or financial resources.

4. A new generation of ecumenical leaders is needed. Human resources are to be identified and developed through joint REO-EEF efforts, particularly in the fields of:

  • Family life ministry
  • Christian nurture
  • Church-related school chaplaincy/ministry
  • Training for teachers in religious education

5. REOs and WCC-EEF develop a directory of resource people in the field of ecumenical leadership development.

6. REOs and WCC-EEF organize a global consultation on Family Life Education or Ministry.

The participants of theWCC-EEF/REO
consultation on Family Life,
Christian Nurture and Church related schools
Ayia Napa, 27 March 2001

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