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Prayer for unity by Laura Wachira, Kenya

A prayer for unity written by a young Kenyan woman who was a WCC steward in 2006.

23 January 2008


You are the creator, the everlasting one.

when all is said and done, and everything is gone,

Lord you are all we want.

Give us love for each other - love that breaks

ethnicity, race, tribe and culture.

Give us peace that is passed through every country in every continent.

Give us a youthful energetic passion to reach out as young people and be a generation that seeks after you and causes an impact in an ailing world.

Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts,

let us never lift our souls to another.

Give us strength to soar above the storms and

gentleness to walk on with one another.

Thank you because you are faithful and you hear us when we call…


by Laura Wachira, Kenya

Laura Wachira was a WCC steward in 2006

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