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Non-member churches & ecumenical organizations

Councils of churches
The following article is the entry on Councils of Churches: Local, National, Regional from the revised edition of the Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement published jointly by the World Council of Churches and the Wm. Eerdmans in 2002.
Revitalizing the Ecumenical Movement in Asia
Joint Communique the CCA General Committee, the members of the WCC Central Committee from Asia, the NCC General Secretaries and the Asia Regional Group at a Joint Consultation in the Hope Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, from the 31st of August to the 3rd of September 2008.
Joint consultative group WCC-Pentecostals: Third Annual Meeting
The third annual meeting of the Joint Consultative Group, a discussion between members of the World Council of Churches and the global Pentecostal Movement was held in Kwang Lim Seminar House outside of Seoul, Korea, November 8-13, 2002. The group, established in Harare at the Eighth Assembly of the WCC, had met previously in France and in Ecuador. The theme for the week was the "Unity of the Church" and it was rooted in daily bible studies based upon the New Testament book of Ephesians.