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Sub-committee II: Style & ethos of our life together

Appendix I, Report of sub-committee II
Appendix II, Report of sub-committee II
Appendix III, Report of sub-committee II
Appendix IV, Report of Sub-committee II
Aram I on conciliar fellowship
This text is a chapter in Conciliar Fellowship (Geneva: WCC 1992), by Aram Keshishian, now H.H. Catholicos Aram I of Cilicia. Grounded firmly in his knowledge of and experience with the WCC, and its Faith and Order Commission, Catholicos Aram unfolds his vision of conciliarity in terms of where the ecumenical movement is today, and where it ought ultimately to be headed.
Cultural factors in the encounter
Ditchingham report (Faith and Order)
Ecumenical dialogue
Evangelical perspectives from Canberra
Faith and Order on women's ordination
Inter-Orthodox consultation after the Canberra assembly
Orthodox liturgical renewal
Report of sub-committee II