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Food for Life

Documents related to the WCC-EAA campaign "Food for Life"

Documents related to the WCC-EAA campaign "Food for Life"

Title EffectiveDate document_type document_owner Description
Seven prayer services for the Week of Action, 2017 12 October 2017 Liturgical text Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) These have been prepared in collaboration with churches in India, and interpret Psalm 23 from ecological, food-justice and migration perspectives.
Congratulations to David Beasley, WFP 15 May 2017 Statement: letter General Secretary As David Beasley assumed his new role of executive director of the World Food Programme, the WCC offered its congratulations via a letter from general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit.
2016 Prayer Service for Churches Week of Action on Food 14 October 2016 Liturgical text Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) This liturgy prepared for the 2016 Churches Week of Action on Food and World Food Day (16 October) can be used throughout the year to reflect on God's gift of creation and celebrate all who are responsible for the food we have.
10 Commandments of Food: Advocacy Tools for Congregations 03 October 2016 Advocacy report Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) This guide helps individuals and groups to look in-depth into each commandment and to read it through the lens of the Bible in the current context. It opens discussions to help communities take specific steps to make a difference in people's lives.
Ten Commandments of Food 30 September 2016 Advocacy report Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) Developed by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit and the WCC- Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance's Food for Life Campaign Strategy Group, these ten commandments address the existential challenge of hunger and inequity in an innovative and spiritually engaging manner.
Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance newsletter, February 2016 04 February 2016 Advocacy report Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) This newsletter provides an update on the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, an initiative of the WCC, and its campaigns: Live the Promise HIV Campaign and Food for Life Campaign.
Prayer for Everyone, Ecumenical Centre, September 2015 23 September 2015 Liturgical text WCC Programmes A special service organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC) at the Ecumenical Centre chapel in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated prayers to the United Nations post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Action Guide: Churches' Week of Action on Food 11 September 2015 Background document WCC Programmes A 6-page guide for the week with a page you can modify to add specific actions or resources for your region or context.
Seeds for Life 31 October 2013 Study document Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) Scaling up Agro-Biodiversity. Jointly published by the EAA, The Gaia Foundation, The African Biodiversity Network.
Prayer of renewal and blessing, related to SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production 01 October 2013 Liturgical text WCC Programmes From Hallelujah! (AWPC © 2013 WCC)
Sharing food - Sermon at the Ecumenical Centre morning prayers 03 May 2010 S WCC Programmes Sermon by Dr Rogate R. Mshana at the Monday morning prayer service at the Ecumenical Centre, 3 May 2010 Based on Mathew 14:13-14
62nd World Health Assembly 16 May 2009 S Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC) Civil society organizations and social movements from across the globe met in Geneva, on 15-16 May, 2009, at a Forum on Equity, Justice and Health, organized by Peoples Health Movement, Third World Network, and the World Council of Churches to share concerns and recommend actions that civil society views as being of critical importance for advances in global Health and health equity. Based on the discussions they presented to the WHO and member countries participating in the 62nd World Health Assembly some overarching concerns as well as specific recommendations on the two resolutions on Primary Health Care and Social Determinants of Health.
World Food Day 2008 16 October 2008 S General Secretary WCC General Secretary's Statement on the Global Food Crisis on the occasion of World Food Day - 16 October 2008
Food and faith 05 June 2008 S General Secretary
Blessing related to SRG2 Zero Hunger 31 December 2005 Liturgical text WCC Programmes (based on Psalm 144:12-15, NRSV. Theo Gill © 2005 WCC)
Prayer related to SDG2 Zero Hunger 31 December 2005 Liturgical text WCC Programmes (© 2005 WCC)
Food is life 18 May 2004 A WCC Programmes
Iraq - Appeal to the UN Security Council to lift sanctions with direct and indiscriminate effect on the civilian population 18 February 2000 S General Secretary
"Justice, the heart of the matter" 31 January 2000 S Wider ecumenical movement (incl WCC)
Transforming Life, Volume 1 01 January 1970 S WCC Programmes This publication presents the challenges posed by newly emerging technologies to people of faith. It is a discussion starter and wants to encourage urgently needed study and reflection by churches, theological faculties and ecumenical bodies in close cooperation with each other. The new technologies represent a new stage of development, which requires a fresh approach and change of perspective.