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To the Korean Christian Federation and the National Council of Churches in Korea

Letter of Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, WCC general secretary to the Korean Christian Federation, the National Council of Churches in Korea and WCC member churches in Republic of Korea

15 August 2017

To: Rev. Kang Myong Chol, Chairman, Korean Christian Federation
Rev. Dr Kim Young-Ju, General Secretary, National Council of Churches in Korea

Geneva, August 15, 2017

To the Korean Christian Federation and the National Council of Churches in Korea

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Together with people all around the world, I have been following recent developments on the Korean peninsula with increasing concern and alarm. Escalating tensions and the accelerating cycle of threat and counter-threat seem to be drawing ever closer to the brink of catastrophic conflict, with unthinkable consequences for your people in the region and the world. During these disquieting times I hold you, the churches and all fellow Christians of Korea, especially closely in my prayers.

Our calling as Christians is to be messengers of peace, and witnesses to the love of Christ. In a time and place where confrontation and antagonism increases, even to the extent of risking conflict and irreparable destruction, this witness is of unique and vital importance. Together our voices have been and must be raised for peace against the increasingly loud drums of war.

As we mark the 72nd anniversary of the National Liberation Day of Korea this 15 August I write to assure you and all the churches and Christians of Korea that churches around the world are standing with you. We pray that through all our combined efforts, the leaders will cease their threats of death and destruction, and change their focus to dialogue and peaceful coexistence. As you know, we have criticized the sanctions against North Korea and called for a strong focus on establishing a peace treaty. As Christians from both parts of the divided Korean people, you seek to point your people towards the path to peace and away from the precipice of conflict.

As well as many churches in the United States of America, churches from all regions of the world are supporting you in prayer, solidarity and advocacy for peace. In the World Council of Churches, we are committed to this task, and to amplifying your voices for peace on the Korean peninsula. May God help and guide us all.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit

General Secretary

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