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Fr Boulos Iskander

17 October 2006

17 October 2006

Your Holiness, 

The World Council of Churches is thankful to Archbishop of Jazirah and Euphrates, Eusthasius Matta Roham for sharing the news of the tragic death of Father Boulos Iskander. The Council is appalled by the circumstances in which the killing of an innocent servant of God was carried out. The incident reflects the depravity to which the situation in Mousel has deteriorated. The killing of Fr Boulos is a senseless crime that cannot be justified in any circumstances. It neither benefits anyone nor does it promote the cause of any religion. The World Council of Churches has always been an advocate of tolerance and remains committed to inter-religious harmony. 

Such a heinous crime makes it obligatory on all Iraqis of good will who we are certain are many, that such an incident is not allowed to take place in the future. It brings a bad name to the country. The Iraqi police and the coalition forces who are there to maintain law and order must ensure that every possible step is taken to secure the safety and protection of all human lives in Iraq. 

The World Council of Churches calls on its members in the Middle East as well as in the other regions to remember Fr Boulos Iskander and his family in their prayers. 

We ask Your Holiness to please convey our condolences to the family of the bereaved. 

Yours in Christ, 

Clement John
Acting Director 

cc. Mr Georges Lemopoulos, Acting General Secretary, WCC

Eusthasius Matta Roham, Archbishop of Jazirah and Euphrates