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Congratulations to new LWF president

Congratulation letter to Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan following his election as the next president of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

29 July 2010

Dear Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan,

On behalf of myself and all my colleagues within the World Council of Churches (WCC) I would like to convey our congratulations on your election as the next president of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

Your leadership, experience and ecumenical commitment means the relationship between the WCC and LWF will only grow stronger in the future to the benefit of the entire ecumenical movement and to the glory of God.

In your acceptance speech you echoed the commitment of the WCC and ecumenical movement when you said that within the Lutheran communion, “there is no large or small, no majority or minority, no South or North, for we all servants, sharing the resources and gifts that God has given to us.”

The Lutheran insistence that we are one because we share the one and same Christ and we receive the same gift is something the ecumenical movement needs now more than ever.

In the WCC you continue to have a reliable and consistent partner in the pressing issues of the world, including climate change, illegitimate debt, gender discrimination in church and society and governmental corruption. We will join with you to carry the pulpit to the streets to introduce God’s love to the world.

Your words bring encouragement and hope to the entire ecumenical community and in particular to the work of the WCC.

We look forward to our continued and growing partnership with Lutherans around the world, no matter how large or small a congregation they may be.

May the Lutheran World Federation continue to be a vital force in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and learning what it means to be one in Jesus Christ.

With all best wishes and strong hopes for your ministry,

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
WCC general secretary