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Congratulations to Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana

Congratulation letter to Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and all Albania, after he was awarded the medal of “Skanderbeg” by the Albanian president, together with the three spiritual leaders of the Muslim, Roman Catholic and Bektashi communities.

22 April 2010

Your Beatitude,

In the jubilant atmosphere of the Easter season we have received with great joy the news that Your Beatitude had been awarded by H.E. Bamir Topi, the president of Albania, the medal of “Skanderbeg”.

We are very proud that Your Beatitude, a world-wide known and recognized religious leader and one of the presidents of the World Council of Churches, received this high distinction together with the three spiritual leaders of the Muslim, Roman Catholic and Bektashi communities in the country for your ceaseless efforts and your precious contribution to strengthening the spiritual roots and the religious harmony and coexistence of the Albanian people.

We were privileged in the World Council of Churches to be enriched, very early in your academic journey, with your reflections and findings on inter-religious dialogue. Later on, we have benefitted from your genuine missionary vision and experience highlighting both the challenges and the tremendous spiritual potential of religious pluralism. Now we are happy that all this is embodied, in a tangible way, in your genuine pastoral concern for all people and all religious traditions in Albania.

We are grateful that your ecumenical vision, deeply grounded in the Orthodox theology and spirituality, can inspire, encourage and strengthen all people of good will in Albania and throughout the world for a peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

May God, the God of love and joy, the God of life and resurrection, you have faithfully proclaimed all along your life bless all your endeavors.

Yours in our common Lord Jesus Christ,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
WCC general secretary