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Concern and prayers for Egypt

WCC general secretary's letter to the WCC member churches in Egypt calling for prayers for peace and expressing concern over the burning of churches and violence following protests on 14 August.

15 August 2013

Letter of solidarity to the WCC member churches in Egypt

The World Council of Churches and its member churches are greatly concerned by the violent turn of events in Egypt and call for an immediate end of violence from all sides. The World Council of Churches calls for prayer for all Egyptians for healing, justice and peace. The only way forward is for mutual recognition as equal citizens within Egypt, sharing responsibilities and authority, accepting the diversity of political opinions and religious beliefs.

We deeply regret the attacks against several churches and properties of the Christian community in different areas of the country that have occurred in the last days.

Since 25 January 2011 Egypt has been experiencing a critical moment in its history. The Egyptian people showed on different occasions their belief in a multi-religious and multi-cultural society where all parties join hands in facing the current challenges and building a better future based on social justice and human dignity. We believe that the commitment of all Egyptians to justice and peace will help them to overcome all obstacles and reach common expectations.

We are thankful to see that the churches of Egypt, even in this situation, are witnesses of God’s peace on earth. Throughout history they have offered up many sacrifices and martyrs for their beloved country.

Let us pray for all the Egyptians; may God grant them comfort, heal their wounds and accompany them on their way to justice and peace.

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
WCC general secretary