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Expression of sympathy for the victims of Hurricane Charley

26 August 2004

Letter to the Cuban Council of Churches, 26 August, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have heard about the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Charley in Cuba. In
just a few hours the destructive force of the hurricane took its toll of human lives,
destroying thousands of homes, schools and health centres, cultural and sporting
facilities, trees by the thousand, tens of thousands of hectares of seasonal and permanent
crops. The first assessments by the government put the losses at more
than a billion US dollars, which is almost nothing in comparison to the human
tragedy that this climate catastrophe leaves behind.

In solidarity with the churches and people of Cuba, we send you our greetings and
our prayers for the families of the hurricane victims; we call for international solidarity
for an effective response to the situation; and we pray that Cuba, and especially
its western region, may quickly recover from the consequences of the hurricane.

Yours sincerely,

Guillermo Kerber
International Affairs, Peace and Human Security

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