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Message to the seventh national conference of the China Christian Council

16 May 2002

Conveyed from Geneva, 16 May 2002.

Sisters and brothers in Christ,

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

I send you warm greetings and congratulations of the World Council of Churches on the occasion of the convening of the Seventh National Conference of the China Christian Council. We are profoundly aware of the significance of this event in the life of the CCC. Aware of the important matters before you during this session, I assure you of our fervent prayers as you address matters related to the management of the church and the choice of new leaders. At this first National Conference in the new century, you face great challenges of providing spiritual nurture to your congregations as the number of Christians continues to grow at an impressive rate. You will be addressing the continuing need to train thousands of new lay leaders and pastors and to equip them to guide the congregations into a vital witness to the wider society that is itself experiencing an era of unprecedented economic expansion and rising expectations. In fulfilling these tasks you may count on the full support of the World Council of Churches for the life and ministry of the China Christian Council.

We give thanks to God for the blessings he has spread upon you and for the vitality of the faith amongst you. May you feel anew the power of the Holy Spirit that descended upon the first church in Jerusalem in this season. Be assured that you will be accompanied by the prayers of the worldwide ecumenical fellowship as you worship, pray and deliberate day by day.

Yours ever in Christ,

Konrad Raiser
General Secretary

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