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New wave of violence

29 October 2004

Letter to the Lutheran Church in Liberia, Presbytery of Liberia, United Methodist
Church, Liberian Council of Churches, Church of the Province of West Africa / Episcopal
Church in Liberia, 29 October, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is with deep sadness that we write to you regarding the recent violence that
erupted in the city of Monrovia and its environs on the night of October 28. We
share with you how troubled we are that the fragile peace, brought by the seating
of a transitional government and the presence of the United Nations peacekeepers,
seems to be threatened.

Though we are aware of the gravity of this new development, we are indeed
very pleased by the immediate constructive cooperation between the Muslim
Council and the Council of Churches. This, the World Council of Churches believes,
is critical in finding a sustainable solution in the midst of perceived difficulties
in the relations between Christians and Muslims. We wholeheartedly welcome
this partnership and offer to you our strongest support and affirmation in seeking
an avenue of lasting peace in Liberia.

This recent development in Monrovia deeply troubles the World Council of
Churches, especially at a time when the hopes of many are attached to the presence
of the United Nations peacekeepers, the seating of the Interim Government,
disarmament, demobilization, resettlement and reintegration, and the beginning
of the political process which should lead to elections in October of 2005.

The World Council of Churches calls upon all citizens of Liberia, its member
churches, the Interim Government of Liberia, the various rebel groups and all
peace loving Liberians to denounce this new wave of violence, support the efforts
of the Liberian Council of Churches and the National Muslim Council and work
towards sustainable peace in Liberia.

We express our solidarity with you and ask God's manifold blessings upon you
in these trying times.