World Council of Churches

A worldwide fellowship of churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service

Minute on Somalia

27 August 2004

WCC Executive Committee, Seoul, Korea, 24-27 August, 2004

1. Somalia has been without an effective, recognized government for the last 13
years. According to UN statistics, as a result of the civil war about 1 million people
have died and hundreds of thousands of Somalis have fled to neighbouring
countries, other parts of Africa as well as to Europe and North America.

2. The Inter-Governmental Agency for Development (IGAD) Facilitation
Committee under the leadership of Ambassador Betheul Kiplagat, the Moderator
of the CCIA, has made substantial contributions to seek a lasting solution to the
national crisis of Somalia. The current peace initiative is more inclusive than the
pervious one, with participation of all key stakeholders, the warlords and traditional
leaders. Somali businessmen who have a major influence both at political
and economic levels are also involved. These efforts have been directed towards
securing nomination for 275 members of parliament from the Clans and Sub-
Clans. Recently, the IGAD Ministerial Facilitation Committee inaugurated the
new Somalia Parliament. After this, as a next step, there will be elections of
Speaker, Deputy Speaker and nominations of Prime Minister and Ministers.

The Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches meeting in Seoul
from 24-27 August, 2004, aware of the major crisis of Somalia:

supports the effort of the IGAD Ministerial Facilitation Committee as it seeks
lasting peace for Somalia;

requests the WCC to share information with the member churches about the current
developments on Somalia for the purpose of awareness-building, advocacy
and assistance for rehabilitation, resettlement and reconciliation;

encourages the WCC to work in collaboration with other civil society groups
active in Somalia;

appreciates and encourages the efforts of Ambassador Betheul Kiplagat and the
Ministerial Facilitating Committee and assures them of its support;

calls on the member churches to keep the people of Somalia in their prayers.