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Message of solidarity to member churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo

05 February 2001

Letter to the member churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 5 February 2001.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

    As the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches meets these days in Potsdam, in the reunified and now peaceful land of Germany, we have again had you all in our prayers.

    At this meeting we have also launched the Decade to Overcome Violence.  Nowhere are our concerted Chrisitian efforts needed to overcome violence more than they are in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In the aftermath of the assassination of President Laurent Kabila and in the transition to another phase of the political life of your beloved land, we pray that God give you strength to witness for peace and the end to all violence in your land.  We pray that all those in positions of civil and military responsibility, both in government and in the armed opposition, will hear your call for peace and non-violent resolution of the conflicts that have inflicted such suffering. 

    We recognize what a great burden for the restoration of peace and the establishment of justice in the DRC is upon you.  During my recent visit I became even more deeply convinced that you are equal to that task.  I want you to know that you are not alone in this difficult time.  Churches in your neighboring nations, with whom you have decided to make common cause for peace and reconciliation through FECCLAHA, stand with you, as do the churches around the world gathered together in the WCC.

    Receive, then, the prayers of the church leaders gathered in this Central Committee; and the blessings of Christ, the Prince of Peace, of the almighty God, who judges all with mercy, and of the Holy Spirit, who remains with you now and evermore.

Yours in the Risen Lord and Savior,

Konrad Raiser
General Secretary