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Contribution to Sudan's humanitarian and reconstruction needs

15 April 2005

Letter to H.E. Ms Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Minister of Development, Norway, 15
April, 2005

Your Excellency,

May I share with you the gratitude and joy of the World Council of Churches,
and the worldwide fellowship it represents, for the central role your government
has played in the outcome of the recent donor consultation held in Oslo. We say
asante sana to you in person, for your deep commitment and support to Africa. We
are also deeply indebted to you for the solidarity and tenacity demonstrated by your
government during the period preceding the signing of the agreement on Sudan.

Your role during the negotiations cannot be overstated. The pledge of US $4.5 billion
(double the original amount expected) over the next two years, will go a long
way in contributing to cover Sudan's humanitarian and reconstruction needs.

Your contribution to supporting the Sudan Civil Society Forum for the international
community to focus on aid to the people of Sudan is a great investment
for the sustainability of peace in Africa. We trust the pledges made will soon be
translated into hard currency to ensure that the work of peace-building and economic
recovery for Sudan does not suffer.

The ecumenical movement has a long history of solidarity with the people of
Sudan and therefore we will continue to complement the work of the international
community to never again let Sudan slip back into armed struggle and war.

With the implementation of the aid package Sudan will certainly have recaptured
her lost glory and regain the fruits of the long-awaited peace with prosperity.

We are especially grateful to you and your government for the inclusion of the
Sudan civil society groups in strengthening the participation of the people in the
reconstruction process. Justice issues and commitment to building a brighter
future for the country brought together more than seventy representatives from
Sudanese civil society working in different regions of Sudan and the diaspora. It
was indeed timely that the whole civil society focusing on Sudan worked together
in Oslo and readily reached consensus to move forward with a common purpose
for the future well-being of the people of Sudan.

The World Council of Churches, together with civil society institutions that
have focused on Sudan, expresses their deep concern about the ongoing suffering
and violence in Darfur. It is our hope that, soon and very soon, the continuing
violence in Darfur will come to an end and the perpetrators are brought to justice.

It is our appeal to you and your government to facilitate a lasting solution
to this tragedy as well.

The generosity of the international community complements the spirit of sharing
resources signified in the ethics of compassion towards the vulnerable. It is a
reminder that there are enough resources in the world to provide for everyone's
needs. Once again we assure you of our prayers and well wishes for you and for
your government. May our Lord continue to sustain you in good health.


Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia
General Secretary