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IX. Other study processes

A Church of All and for All - An interim statement
There has been a growing awareness that persons with disabilities invite the Church to explore anew the understanding of the Gospel and the nature of the Church. This interim statement, drafted with participation from the Faith and Order Commission, offers pointers and insights on major theological themes. It is hoped that it will also help the churches address inclusion, active participation and full involvement in the spiritual and social life of the church in particular and society in general.
Religious Plurality and Christian Self-Understanding
This unofficial text is the result of a unique collaboration among WCC Interreligious Relations, Mission and Evangelism, and Faith and Order staff, and their respective commissions or advisory bodies. It seeks a new approach to the difficult and controversial issues related to Christian self-understanding in a religiously plural world. The text, which is provisional as it has not been submitted to or adopted by any official WCC body, is shared here as a document for discussion and debate.