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Trondheim, 2016

Statement on Religion and Violence
The WCC Central Committee encourages the study and adoption of the principles and practices of active non-violence, as the most legitimate and appropriate means of countering discrimination and oppression and of breaking the cycle of violence.
28 June 2016
Minute on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling
The WCC Central Committee encourages its member churches to be attentive to peoples and organisations working to combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling, particularly in their struggle against organised crime.
27 June 2016
A Call for Solidarity and Action for Puerto Rico
The WCC expresses its solidarity with Puerto Rico as it faces a serious financial and economic crisis and currently has a debt of more than US$70 billion that it cannot afford to repay.
27 June 2016
Greeting to the Holy and Great Synod
The moderator, vice-moderators and general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) conveyed greetings from the WCC Central Committee to leaders of Eastern Orthodox churches
26 June 2016
Opening Sermon
By Bishop Mark MacDonald, Anglican Church of Canada
22 June 2016
Black Lives Matter!
As part of the WCC Central Committee’s plenary session on the pilgrimage of justice and peace, Rev. Waltrina Middleton offered these remarks.
23 June 2016
Pastoral letter on HIV (Arabic)
تؤكد الكنائس التزاماتھا في تسریع خطى التصدي لفیروس نقص المناعة البشریة