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Report on Public Issues

WCC Central Committee Kolympari, Crete, 28 August - 5 September

04 September 2012

WCC Central Committee meeting, 28 August - 5 September 2012

The public issues committee worked on eight statements and minutes from among the proposals adopted by the Central Committee in an earlier session. However, in consultation with His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durres and All Albania, the public issues committee decided that the issues related to Christian worship places in Albania is to be addressed by the general secretary in another public issue action. Hence the proposal for a statement on freedom for use of Christian worship places in Albania has not been dealt with by the public issues committee. It was also suggested that this issue could be highlighted in the proposed CCIA study on religious freedom as well as in the proposed statement on religious freedom for the 10th Assembly.

The public issues committee decided to accept the proposal of the 51st meeting of CCIA (as per the GEN PRO 05, page 5) and recommends to the Central Committee that the WCC 10th Assembly consider following statements as part of assembly public issues actions:

1. Freedom of religion and rights of all religious communities in the context of politicisation of religion;

2. Peace and reunification in the context of the Korean Peninsula;

3. Just peace.


The committee discussed the question raised on how ‘follow up’ on public issues actions reported in Doc. No. GEN PUB 03 have had an impact. It was noted that it was difficult to know how such monitoring could be done effectively. In addition to trying to pay attention to the stories and feedback that are received, the members of the Central Committee are encouraged to pay particular attention to the issues that affect their churches or regions and to do what they can, as well, to publicize, act on, and call attention to the statements and minutes that the WCC has issued. The general secretary might also be encouraged to include references, in his reports in future, about ways that the statements and minutes have been implemented.

The public issues committee presents the following statements and minutes to the Central Committee for approval: