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GEN 4 Moving to Consensus, Revised Rule XVI: Conduct of Meetings, Replacing "Rules of Debate"

22 February 2005


The Central Committee had authorized that the Draft Rule XVI be shared with member churches and members of the Central Committee for their information and eventual comment (cf Central Committee 2003, Doc GEN 4.1).

Subsequently, the Executive Committee authorized:

  1. the inclusion in the "Draft Rule XVI: Conduct of Meetings" of the suggestions made by member churches and the Steering Committee of the Special Commission, in consultation with participants in the drafting group that had elaborated the first version of the new Rule XVI (Bossey, February 2004).
  2. the consideration of sections I to XV of the actual Constitution and Rules in light of changes to the Rule XVI: Conduct of Meetings.
  3. the submission of the new Rule XVI to the Central Committee in February 2005 for adoption (cf Minutes of the Executive Committee, August 2004, p. 61).

Documents for action

Four documents are submitted to the Central Committee for consideration and action:

  1. Document GEN 4.1
  2. Document GEN 4.2
  3. Document GEN 4.3
  4. Document GEN 4.4

Manual for Conduct of Meeting of the WCC. This is a document intending to help delegates at the assembly, Central Committee members and participants in WCC consultative bodies' meetings to become familiar with the consensus method.

The Central Committee is invited to comment the Manual and authorize its publication for distribution to the assembly delegates/participants.