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God of Life, Lead Us to Act

Poem written in response to the WCC 10th Assembly theme by Bishop Reuel Norman O. Marigza of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines at a meeting of Asian delegates to the assembly.

19 March 2013

God of life, lead us to justice and peace;

you are the very Source of our very lives

you created us in your own image

with dignity and worth

you gave meaning and purpose for life

without you we cannot achieve

full justice and peace.

God of life,

lead us from injustice and un-peace.

to justice and peace;

lead us to see injustice in Asia and in this world

of people against people

of people against nature

of structures and systems

that dehumanize and ravage creation

lead us to realize that there can never

be peace where injustice exists.

God of life,

lead us to do justice and peace;

you chose to call out a people

to witness and manifest your will,

awaken us to the truth;

that we are to work together with you

to bring about justice and peace;

that we are not just to pray

but also advocate and do

and work for total salvation

which you worked out ahead

for humanity

and for the world.


19 March 2013, Bangkok

© 2013 Reuel Norman O. Marigza