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The term "WCC document" applies to texts of many different types and levels of institutional authority. Many hundreds of such texts are available on our websites.

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"World Leaders Must Act Now in the Face of Climate Emergency" - Message from the Faith-Based Organizations To the High-Level Ministerial Segment of COP25
"World Leaders Must Act Now in the Face of Climate Emergency", Message from the Faith-Based Organizations to the High-Level Ministerial Segment of the 25th Session of the Conference of the Parties – COP25 to the UNFCCC. Madrid, Spain 10 December 2019
Christmas 2019 audio message in Norwegian
Christmas 2019 audio message in Norwegian
Esther: Victim and Accomplice to Shadowy Patriarchal Violence?
Bible Studies prepared by the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Theological Education.
"Faith communities demand climate justice" - Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change for COP25 Madrid 2019
This is the declaration of the Interfaith Liaison Committee to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to the United Nations climate change summit COP25 (Madrid, Spain, 2-13 December 2019). Working together at COP25, the group has been seeking “to offer a positive and empowering voice of hope over fear, of compassion over indifference, and urgent and fair action as a moral obligation.”
Christmas 2019
A Christmas greeting from the World Council of Churches
Christmas 2019 audio
Christmas 2019 audio
Christmas card 2019
Christmas card 2019
Order of service: 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence
Order of service used at the WCC’s Ecumenical Centre for marking 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence 2019.
"Our Living Word for all Peoples"
A community of indigenous theologians has offered a message, “Our Living Word for all Peoples,” that holds particular meaning amid violence suffered by indigenous people in the Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.The message speaks to the interrelatedness of all that surrounds us. “We flatly denounce the criminalization of our bodies, struggles, and resistances,” reads the message. “This criminalization is supported by an old colonial religious prejudice that equates us with demons, terrorists, and criminals, with the intent to disqualify bodies, struggles, and resistances.”
Order of Service, World AIDS Day 2019
World AIDS Day is commemorated on the 1st of December each year to remind us that HIV has not gone away. The theme for 2019, is "Communities make the difference".
Letter of solidarity from the WCC general secretary to the Orthodox Church of Albania upon news of the earthquake on 26 November 2019
World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, in a letter to the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania, extended condolences on behalf of the WCC fellowship upon news of the devastating earthquake that struck on 26 November.
Flyer of Webinar on Racism, Xenophobia and discrimination in the Pacific Context
The thematic focus of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (PJP) in 2019 is Racism. The WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA), organises a series of eight WCC CCIA regional expert Webinars on the issue of racism and racial justice from August to December 2019. The aim of the webinars is to explore how racism manifests itself in the respective regions, learn about the work that churches and ecumenical partners are doing in this respect, identify synergies and avenues for possible collaboration. WEBINAR on Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination in The Pacific Context
Statement on the Climate Change Emergency
Statement on Situations of Concern in the Latin American Region
Statement on developments in North-East Syria
Statement on Human Rights of Stateless People
Statement on the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Minute on the legality of Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory
Minute on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems – “Killer Robots”
Moderator’s Report to the WCC Executive Committee
Moderator’s Report to the WCC Executive Committee - Dr Agnes Aboum, Anglican Church of Kenya, 20 November 2019