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Religions for Peace assembly convenes in Lindau

The 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace is convening in Lindau, Germany, this week. The multi-religious gathering is being organized from 20-23 August in partnership with the Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society.

Churches share concern over slow progress in South Sudan’s peace

Rev. Fidon Mwombeki, All Africa Conference of Churches general secretary, has expressed concern at the slow pace of the South Sudan peace process, while highlighting that the Africa-wide ecumenical body has accompanied the people in the world’s youngest nation for many years.

Rev. Nathan Day Wilson: “Sunday’s values need to become Monday's values”

Rev. Nathan Day Wilson is a pastor with the Disciples of Christ in the United States and currently holds the position as director of communications at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is associate editor and columnist for the Faith and Values section of the Indianapolis Star. Wilson was a lecturer at the seminar, “Equipping each other for Christian Witness in a multi-cultural and multi-faith world”, taking place at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute from 5-15 August.

Christians in Seoul celebrate Liberation Day

Hundreds of Christians gathered this afternoon around the Statue of Peace in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in front of the Japanese embassy, to celebrate Liberation Day. They displayed photos of butterflies and flowers as a symbol of the comfort to women who were sexual slaves during the Japanese occupation.

Young peoples movement strengthens influence

After three intense days with deep discussions and productive sessions, the bi-annual meeting of the World Council of Churches (WCC) ECHOS Commission came to an end on Thursday. Fourteen young committee members and staff from 20 different countries all over the world had gathered in Seoul, Korea to further strengthen the WCC young peoples movement and continue the pilgrimage of justice and peace.

Iraqi refugee shares story of hope through harrowing ordeal

On International Youth Day, Azeez Sadeq, who now lives in Lyon, France, shared his personal story of being an Iraqi refugee. "Have you ever thought that one day, you can lose everything?” he asked the young people gathered with him. That's what happened to Sadeq when he was 18 years old, when the Islamic State Organisation, also referred to as Daesh, invaded his village.

Behind-the-scenes in the kitchen at Bossey

From the restaurant terrace, at Chateau de Bossey, one enjoys a clear view of Lake Geneva during a shared meal with family and friends. Located just 15 kilometres outside of Geneva, the restaurant has a broad range of freshly cooked food in a buffet-style manner, prepared with care and thoughtfulness.

Ecumenical young trailblazers

Young people are trailblazers, pioneers, visionaries and leaders who have the potential to create a positive, sustainable legacy for future generations on a global scale. On 12 August, International Youth Day, youth led a TED-style talk and discussion in Geneva, with five young speakers from different parts of the world, four virtually and one live. The stories and experiences shared connected them to theme “Transforming Education,” while inspiring the audience for a call to action.

Role of religion being questioned in public event in Norway

This week Norwegians are gathering to discuss a large variety of political topics during an event called “Arendalsuka”. Nearly 80 000 people are filling the small town of Arendal with seminars, debates, exhibitions and events. During this week The Christian Council of Norway wanted to arrange an ecumenical worship, but the event was rejected by the main organizer of the week. Their reason for rejecting a worship was that the week is supposed to be open to all – regardless of faith or political view.

For study group, developing “Come and See” text was a journey in itself

“Come and See,” a theological invitation to the World Council of Churches (WCC) Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace was published in May 2019 and, for the close-knit group who labored to develop it, the journey was life-changing.

Youth celebrate inclusion and world’s gifts, even amid grave challenges

In light of International Youth Day on 12 August, the World Council of Churches (WCC), Lutheran World Federation and the World Student Christian Federation invited youth to celebrate the day at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. The event promoted a shared understanding of inclusion, acknowledging the gifts and addressing the common concerns and challenges of young people around the world.

Young pilgrims pray for Korea in Seoul

In a mood of hope people came together yesterday in churches all over the world to worship and pray for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

WCC to youth: “Is this the world we bequeath to you?”

On 12 August, International Youth Day, World Council of Churches deputy general secretary Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri greeted young people gathered in Geneva, Switzerland. International Youth Day, Phiri reflected, takes place in a time of increased international tensions, looming climatic deadlines, increasing disparities of income and wealth, and great rents in the social fabric of our societies.

A journey through division and hope

More than 80 youngsters from WCC member churches and partners around the world continued their Korean pilgrimage of justice and peace on Saturday at the Demilitarized Zone, which has divided the Korean Peninsula since 1953.

WCC general secretary denounces violence against mosque in Norway

After a man shot and injured at least one person in a mosque in Oslo, Norway, World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit denounced the attack and urged all people of good will to come together with love and prayer, whether in their own communities or across the world.

WCC eco-justice team helps lead international eco conference for Church of South India

More than 300 environmentalists - among them professors, students, scientists and religious leaders - gathered for the 5th International Eco Conference organized by the Church of South India.

Extended drought in Africa leaves millions in need

An unfolding drought in Africa is threatening hunger for tens of millions of people in the horn, eastern and southern parts of the continent.

WCC to UN: Human rights violations in West Bank, East Jerusalem must stop

In a letter co-addressed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations special rapporteur on situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory, the World Council of Churches expressed concern over the high rates of human rights violations and violence currently taking place in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Lutheran assembly formally endorses Thursdays in Black

More than 1,000 attendees at the 15th Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Churchwide Assembly have formally endorsed the Thursdays in Black campaign for a world free from rape and violence.

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem releases statement on Jaffa Gate

On 5 August, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem released a statement in relation to the properties of Jaffa Gate. “The Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem views the attempts of the radical organization, Ateret Cohanim, to seize church properties located in Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate and al-Mu'athamiyah, as a strike to the indigenous Christian presence in the Holy City,” the statement reads.