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Voices of peacemakers - Nobel Peace Prize weekend 2017, Oslo, Norway

Voices of peacemakers - Nobel Peace Prize weekend 2017, Oslo, Norway

All photos: Siv Thompson/Church of Norway

18 January 2018

Bente M. Larsen

I think it is wonderful that ICAN won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, we really need this when we see what today’s superpowers are doing. We all want peace on earth!

I think it is about time the Norwegian government and the rest of the leaders of the world aim towards abolition of all nuclear weapons.

I’m sure a world without nuclear weapons will be a better place for all of us. We must never forget what happened in Hiroshima, and we who live on the earth today must make sure it never happens again.

VardoenIngeborg Vardøen

We joined the torchlight procession to support a very important cause. I have family I meet here, both children and grandchildren, and I usually join the march every year. I actually remember when Albert Schweitzer was here to receive the prize in 1952!

The politicians must sign the UN ban on nuclear weapons. They must see the consequences of allowing nuclear weapons in our world. I think Norway should remain a member of NATO and, at the same time, say no to nuclear weapons.

A world without nuclear weapons will definitely be a safer world, and there will be fewer fatal accidents when we no longer have nuclear weapons. That is my dream.

GjaerumAnja Gjærum

The world cannot continue to produce nuclear weapons. We must use every channel available to reach today’s leaders and send a clear message to abolish all nuclear weapons in the world.

Arms races never give peace. It takes so little to cause enormous damage, and we don’t need this threat.

HakonsenLinn Håkonsen

Our Norwegian politicians should be in front and sign the UN ban on nuclear weapons. We must still be a part of NATO, but it is important that Norway lead the way in this process.

A world without nuclear weapons will be safer for all of us. We must communicate and agree on what we want the world to be like in the future.

PedersenAnne Mari Pedersen

I am a member of the Soroptimists, an organization where women help and support women. We support the abolition of nuclear weapons and have agreed on meeting here today, all the members in our region.

The politicians must be clear – and get rid of all nuclear weapons! I really hope for a future without nuclear weapons, where the world is a safer place for all of us, and less scary for the children.

WinnieJacob Winnie

Politicians should think before they act. They must stop drawing hasty conclusions when it comes to nuclear weapons. These weapons are not okay in anyone’s hands, including “my” president, Donald Trump.


MjelstadThea Katrin Mjelstad

I used to be an ICAN Norway-employee, and this weekend I am coordinating everything that happens, through my engagement in Norwegian People’s Aid. This day is really fantastic!

The politicians must listen to what has been said today. During the ceremony at the city hall, ICAN-leader Beatrice Fihn said that we must make a choice between humanity and nuclear weapons. It’s either people or the deadly weapons. It’s that simple and brutal. There is a really high risk when it comes to nuclear weapons, whether there is an accident or a mistake, and it all has very dramatic consequences. So the politicians must sign the UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons; it is a very strong treaty.

SelvagVilde Selvåg

I am a member of the Norwegian Nurses’ Association, and play in a drummer’s band there. I support this issue one hundred percent. The politicians must say no to nuclear weapons, I think the way they practice this today, is really double standards.

A world without nuclear weapons will be very different from the one we live in today. The tension between the USA and North Korea will change, and it will simply be a less dangerous world to live in.

BorgenErling Borgen

I’ve fought against nuclear weapons since the 60s, where I grew up in a very political family. My mother even bought long-lasting food for us in case we had to take shelter because of war or other crises.

Today’s politicians represent the past and a politics of shame, they must change! The authorities are here for the people, not the other way around. That is why the politicians must listen to people’s opinions and ban all nuclear weapons now.

In a future without nuclear weapons we will experience respect for democracy and human rights. The nuclear threat we live under today is part of a life-threatening game of powers, and it must come to an end!

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