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Prayer implores “justice, peace and equality in the Holy Land”

Prayer implores “justice, peace and equality in the Holy Land”

Rev. Dr Owe Boersma and Nora Carmi, a member of the WCC reference group for Palestine and Israel and NCCOP.Photo: Ivars Kupcis/WCC

20 September 2019

Gathered before a piece of the Berlin Wall on display in the Ecumenical Centre garden in Geneva, people of good will gathered for a midday prayer on 18 September in observance of the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel.

Rev. Dr Owe Boersma, international programme coordinator of the WCC-EAPPI led the prayer:

"Oh God, our Creator on your image and your example, you created us equal in humanity and dignity," they prayed. “Let us all see you, and we shall see all humanity as our brothers and sisters, because we are your children and the creation of your hands.”

The special prayer was written by Catholic Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah, “O Lord, look from heaven and see, your children are fighting, and they are either killing or being killed," the prayer reads. “Many are starving for bread, and for justice and equality too. This is our situation in this Holy Land and throughout our region.”

The prayer asks for God’s mercy, and for help in stopping the fighting and injustice in the Holy Land.

"Oh God, grant us your goodness and love, and give us the strength to remove death from among us, and live justice, peace and equality in your Holy Land,” the prayer concluded.

The prayer was accompanied by songs, one of which is based on Psalm 133:1. The garden rang with the refrain: “Behold how good and how pleasant, God’s people live together,” as people prayed to bring peace through their words, listening, actions, silence and their very lives.

World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

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