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Plug in to the WCC's 9th Assembly via Internet

15 November 2005

Hook up now to a major ecumenical happening, due to start in just three months!

By visiting, you can be part of the 14-23 February 2006 World Council of Churches' (WCC) 9th Assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil - an event that will bring thousands of Christian women and men from around the world together for ecumenical encounter, prayer, celebration and deliberation.

The five-language website offers a comprehensive overview of what will happen in Porto Alegre, including

· the Assembly theme ("God, in your grace, transform the world"),

· the issues and concerns that the church representatives will discuss, such as economic justice, religious plurality, violence, and church unity,

· the prayers and Bible studies that will be part of their life together in Porto Alegre,

· news, feature articles and photos on the event, the theme and, in relation to that, "stories of transformation" from the churches,

· the programme, preparations and documents.

You can follow the life and work of the Assembly as it happens via the online news coverage, video summaries and live webcasts of the plenary sessions, access to important documents, and an e-news service open to the public from the website.

Special note to website managers

Be part of the WCC 9th Assembly and encourage your public to find out about it by posting a link to the Assembly website from your homepage! A number of attractive banners (in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish as well as in English) are available, with code that you can copy and paste on your site.

Download banners from