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New WCC “Eco Ambassadors” pledge to protect our ecology

New WCC “Eco Ambassadors” pledge to protect our ecology

Participants and organizers of the WCC Eco School 2019. Photo: WCC/CCA/Mee Mee

06 January 2020

Participants of the World Council of Churches (WCC) 2019 Eco School in Asia have pledged to serve as “Eco Ambassadors” who will protect our waters, promote food sovereignty, health and wellbeing and stand for climate justice with a sense of urgency.

The 27 participants, representing 11 countries in Asia, gathered at Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 4-17 November 2019 to discuss and deliberate upon various ecological issues affecting the planet and people.

In the final message of the WCC Eco School 2019 they affirm that “the care of our common home is our mission and that we should be able to listen to the cry of the groaning creation and the anxiety of generations yet to be born concerned about greed that causes the depletion of resources with which they are to live”, reads the text.

The document also brings a list of commitments towards a sustainable lifestyle at home, at churches and institutions and in the society at large.

Focusing on the nexus between water, food, health and climate change with a justice perspective, the WCC Eco School was jointly hosted by the Christian Conference of Asia, along with other external partners including the World Student Christian Federation Asia Pacific region.

The programme was made possible through financial contributions from the above organisations, particularly through a grant support from InFaith Community Foundation through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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